Update 04.10.09 

"Fucking Machine Fantasy" with January Seraph - 32 Minutes Video

This week the Fabulous Mz Berlin and the sultry January Seraph… Berlin has Fabulous I though I’d give January Sultry. Only because she is... January has a fantasy… What’s January’s fantasy you might ask? After all she’s a very kinky girl…Tie her up, spank her. She plays with girls... boys… What hasn't she done. A Fucking Machine that’s what! So what are friends for. January enlisted The Fabulous Mz Berlin and Myself to right this wrong and your invited to watch, yes you. But first you don’t know about Mz Berlin if you think she’s just going to hook January up and that’s that. No… Mz Berlin is always about the quid pro quo… She does something, she wants something in return and in this case it's pain for pleasure. Plus, orgasms all around in this one. I didn't expect Berlin to climb on top of January and get her self off but it just shows you what a free spirit Mz Berlin is. Or that dirty little slut… It’s one of the two.

Fucking Machines, Bondage, Inverted Orgasms It’s always good to have Kinky friends that are willing to help make a dream come true… No judgments just Love and respect.



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Update 04.07.09 

"Three Times a Charm" with Isis Love - 74 Images

I give you Isis Love bound... Tied... Helpless… Looking so sweet and sexy... Like fruit that you could just reach out and pick. But first I have her pose for us and do what sexy women love to do, show themself off. This was not a hard sell by any means. Now Isis told me that she had not bottomed nor had been tied in something like four years. Now I have no reason to doubt her but if for any reason some one out there knows any thing different …Shhhhh. I don’t want to know… It took three times to get her tied. Slowly… With great reverence did I approach this. For Isis is a Dom and I just love tying Dom’s. Isis was nerves and unsure even if she wanted to be in bondage.. "Not to worry", I told her, "You’ll Look amazing, beautiful, and unbelievably sexy. You know what, I was right. Isis does. At first she panicked and I had to untie her. We took a moment…The second time Isis did better but in the end she had to come out. Now feeling self conscious the pressure was on. Isis told me if she was not able to do even a simple tie that I could Dom her… Really, I was hoping that she would fail. For what better way to spend an afternoon than have Isis Love down on hands and knees kissing my boots. But alas the third times a charm as they say. Isis settled into the tie looking sexy as hell and really getting into the moment. You be the judge. Where else are you going to find photo’s of Isis Love in bondage… I do hope to have her down on the floor naked and at my command some day. Hope does spring eternal.

After Isis said that I could Dom her if she could not do the tie, I did for just a fraction of a second think of making it so that it was imposable for her. Just the thought... The though of having Isis down on her knees and spanking that ass. Oh lets say it took me to a happy place, but to be fair it’s something I just could not do. Tie her unfairly that is. Spank that ass in a heart beat? "Yes!"

Isis Love tied for the first time in 4 years

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Update 04.03.09 

"Tell Me a Story" with Madison Young - 38 Minutes Video

Madison Young… For some reason I think that’s all I should need to say, but for those of you new to online BDSM that just don’t know or that have been living under the proverbial rock, Madison is a truly an amazing creature. Rope whore extraordinaire, pain slut, trained submissive, poet and writer, and just plain slut. Slap her pretty face call her slut and it brings her to even closer to orgasm. Madison eats pain, like the rest of us would eat candy. I cane her ass through a series of mind blowing orgasms, then tie her up and do it all over again. Orgasm after orgasm Madison gives it up... I love a good story and for Madison every dirty story she tells us out of her past brings her one step closer to what she wants… Whether it be bondage, pain or orgasms.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that loves to have her pussy slapped as much as Madison. I prefer to think of it as spanking, but that’s all semantics. She can orgasm from it you know…
Madison has all most tantric orgasms, she can control them, focus them, ride them in to orgasmic bliss. Now that’s something worth practicing.

Completely off subject. I heard something the other day that I think bears repeating and it went something like this.

What do you want ??
I want a peaceful soul..
What do you need???
A Bigger Gun…

I think we all feel a little let down by the body politic here and all over this world. I do hope the day comes soon that the political powers figure out that greed and corruption are no way to live.

Jimmy Hendrix said “That when the Power of Love over comes the Love of Power, the world will know Peace…



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Update 04.01.09 

"Maid For A Day" with Brandy Laine - 104 Images

MILF Brandy Laine comes by the studio for a little servitude. Cleaning is what I had in mind, mopping and dusting. Evidently that's not what she had in mind. The little slut was caught rubbing her pussy through her latex panties. So I decided to help her out... Bound and machine fucked, then back to mopping the floors.

Watch Brandy Get Machine Fucked

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Update 03.27.09 

"Do You Love Me" with Cecilia Vega - 40 Minutes Video

I ask Cecilia why she’s here today, her response in that sexy French accent, “Because I am a slut and enjoy pain”. This is our second shoot with the little French temptress and I just couldn’t help but fall completely in lust with her. The way she moans when I spank her ass. The flash of her eyes when I slap her face just before she orgasms. Or it could be that through the entire scene I kept asking her to tell me that she loves me. I think it adds this wierd surreal twist.

Cecilla’s rock hard body, real tits, the arch of her back, and the roundness of her ass make her a perfect little play thing. Cecilia orgasms are breathtaking to watch. Long and intense with screams of passion. This ones a keeper.



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Update 03.24.09 

"Transformation" with Isobel Wren - 74 Images

This weeks mid week update is with the submissive and sexy Isobel Wren. Isobel is back with us for another trip into sub space with the help of a little rope, some latex and the right mental attitude. Isobel is transformed into a playful bondage slut…The world outside slips away and all that is left is bondage, submission and beauty. Escape with Isobel to that warm and loving place… Where your mind can empty and your body can relax.

Check Out the Rest of This Set with Bondage Slut Isobel Wren

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Update 03.20.09 

"Sensory Overload" with Sinn Sage and Eden Wells - 42 Minutes Video

Sinn Sage comes to FetishNation for her second visit, a special request of Eden's. I love it when Eden gets a crush on a girl it always makes the scene that much hotter and more personal. Eden puts this dirty brunette through her paces from making her dance for her own pleasure to tight inescapable bondage. Who was to know that Sinn is such a squirter until she drenches Eden, the floor and herself. Sinn licks up the mess she made.

I don’t know if it was the wax, Eden, or the vibrator but Sinn admits to have having the longest orgasm of her life. I would think that’s saying something for Sinn…



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Update 03.13.09 

"Slut by Choice" with Dylan Ryan - 41 Minutes Video

Once again Dylan Ryan is stripped down and tied up for our amusement and pleasure. She's made to lick her own cum off of my boots and pants, spanked and flogged until her ass is bright red, bound, forced to cum, suspended from the ceiling, and then forced to cum again and again. Then lots of forced masturbation on top of it all that I have Dylan do. It's a good thing Dylan is such a exhibitionist and that being in front of the camera gets her really hot.

I think this is the 5th or 6th time we've shot Dylan. One of the big reasons we keep having her back is simple. Dylan's fun, playful and she never takes her self to seriously. Bondage, BDSM is all supposed to be fun. Role play ia a great elaborate game. Sometimes with high protocol and other times just plain old fun.



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Update 03.10.09 

"Jewell's Fabulous Tits" with Jewell Marceau - 55 Images

Jewell Marceau and her "Fabulous Tits". I do love Jewell, she has been one of my dearest friends and one of the first girls I ever shot for FetishNation. She sets the standard, classy, sexy, curvy, dirty and is one of the toughest models I know. Many people can only dream about getting their hands on her perfectly voluptuous tits and I get to tie them. Sometimes it's good to be me.

Enter Here for the Rest of this Sexy Update

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Update 03.06.09 

"Isis Love & Her Fuck Slut Giggles" with Isis Love & Giggles - 46 Minutes Video

Isis Love joins us this week and her reputation dose proceed her. Her playmate for the day is Giggles and "yes" Giggles does giggle, hence the name. Putting these raven haired beauties together was an opportunity not to be missed. One of the hottest Girl Girl strap-on scenes I've ever shot, proves my point. Isis has Giggles begging for her black cock but not before Isis shows us all just what a devious and sexy LezDom she is. Giggles spends most of the time gasping, screaming and out of breath... To suffer torment at such exquisite hands is to be gladly endured. This is Isis Love and Giggles first shoot for us but I dont think it will be either of there last.



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